• Dear Folks...
  • This is my life's first attempt on writing as in charge of the Design Cell & Corporate communication, thought a lot on what to write about & I think given the situation it's the best topic I can put on the floor..

    Well that's true each 1 of us some time in UR life get into this position "when u fall out of love with Ur work.." no matter how much u try not to.. But still it happens... Hmm... So what to do?

    It's Harder to take risks when people are watching. It's hard to stay vulnerable, real honest. It's easier to put on a show & act like everything is always amazing!! But things change... Inevitably... Sometimes U change, sometime what U loved changed!! U put ridiculous expectations on Ur self, Like...
  • I need to get things done
  • I should be more excited about this,
  • why can't I be automatically on FIRE all the time
  • Why can't I be gentle with myself??
  • Reconnect with "Y" u actually fell in love with your work in the beginning. What was it attracted U do... What U do best..., to dive deeper in to work... explore every facet possible ? & rather than expecting Ur self to experience the firework of infatuation that you felt on the first date
  • Approach Ur work from a beginner's mind, create curiosity & exploration Ask how u can nurture your passion Learn something new about your work Stay focused, stay amused, stay passionate, and stay excited!!
  • Be conscious of your expectations. May be Ur being too unreasonable or U have the wrong goals!! Remember that fastest way to kill Ur passion in comparing Urself to the accomplishments of others..!! I'm not perfect, but these are some of the things that helps me fall back & stay in LOVE with my work. I hope it helps U too...!!
  • How about you?
  • Do U ever fall out of love with your work?
  • Do leave your experience & thoughts to sudesh.bhelekar@kohinoorconstructions.co.in & how you overcome this in brief... we can cover this topic in our next 'Kohinoor Times'